The therapist will perform a thorough assessment/pre-screening to determine if you are the right candidate for this new advanced technology. Cost $ 110.

Remote training sessions/Home telerehabilitation

-          Equipment will be installed in your home.

-           6 weeks of retraining at home with 5 hours per week for 30 hrs telehealth training with Physiotherapist/ Kinesiologist/ Physiotherapy Assistant.

-          You can retrain at the comfort of your  home with unlimited hours of use.

-          Cost CAD $4000.


 Rejoyce Therapy: Maximizing Recovery During Upper extremity Rehabilitation

Who is Rejoyce for?

ReJoyce is for people who have hand, arm and shoulder movement impairments due to stroke, spinal cord, or other injury.ReJoyce game difficulty can be adjusted to suit people with very small amount of voluntary movement. Typically, if a patient has minimal arm abduction and adduction, ReJoyce therapy can help.

Featured program:

Home-based Therapy, Remote Supervision!! : Rejoyce is as such designed for use in the clinics as it is for use in the home. Using the platform, licensed clinics and therapists can offer their clients specialized high intensity home-based therapy.

Telerehabilitation is ideal for rural clients, clients with reduced mobility, or clients simply preferring home-based rehabilitation services.