About Us

Giri Srinivasan. PT,DPT [C],BPT,BDT,PGDG,CAFCI,CGIMS   ( Owner/ Director).

  • Graduated in 1998 with Bachelor's of Physiotherapy Degree.
  • Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Basic Developmental Therapy for persons with cerebral palsy and other neurological disabilities.[ 2000]
  • Completed Post Graduate Diploma in Gerontology and Geriatrics.[ 2003]
  • Post Professional Doctor of Physiotherapy Degree Candidate in Des Moines University, Iowa U.S.
  • Completed  Advanced Spinal Manipulation  courses.
  • Completed Acupuncture  certification with  "Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute". 
  • Completed various orthopaedic and neurological courses as continuing education.
  • 18 years of orthopaedic, sports and neurological experience in various hospitals and private clinics.
  • Certified Gunn's Intramuscular Stimulation clinician.
  • Certified "Bioness H200 and L300 clinician".
  • Certified "Walk Aide" Clinician.
  • Certified "LSVT BIG" { Specialised Neurorehab Program for Parkinson's} Clinician.
  • Certified Level 1 Functional Movement Screen {FMS} & Selective Functional Movement Assessment { SFMA} Clinician.
  • Certified Rost Therapy clinician for pelvic girdle pain during and after pregnancy.
  • Certified Pfilates clinician.
  • Certified Running Specialist.
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation therapist from Emory University Competency based course, Atlanta.
  • Completed Miniresidency in "TMJ and Orofacial Disorders" at University of Minnesota , School of Dental Sciences.
  • Certified Rocktape Fascial Movement Taping clinician.
  • Certified in Graded Motor Imagery for Chronic pain management and CRPS. 
  • Certified Level 1 pelvic floor physiotherapist for male and female patients.

Kamal Janakiraman. BPT,MPT( Sports), PhD ( Sports Physiotherapy) 

  •       Bachelors in Physical therapy.
  •       Masters of Physical Therapy in Sports.
  •       PhD in Sports Physiotherapy.
  •       Certified in Dry needling.
  •       Several years of Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy experience.

Pranjali Khairmode PT, BPT,MPT.

  •   Bachelors in Physiotherapy.
  •   Masters in Physiotherapy.
  •   Certifications in Neuro Developmental Therapy 
  •   Certified Level 1 pelvic floor physiotherapist for male and female patients.


Tammy Flipsen RMT

  •        Registered Massage therapist.
  •        Prenatal and post natal massage.
  •        Lymphatic drainage massage.
  •        Sports injuries

 Blair Battams RMT,PTA

  •        Part time Registered Massage Therapist.  
  •        Certified "Active Release Therapy "{ART} therapist.
  •        Therapeutic massage for orthopedic, Neurologic and sports injuries.

Bobby Mathew MPT, PTA

  •         Full time Physiotherapy Assistant.
  •        Masters of physiotherapy degree.

Varghese Paul BPT, PTA

  •       Full Time Physiotherapy Assistant.
  •       Over 10 years of physiotherapy experience.
  •        Completed Bachelor's of physical therapy.

Adriana Baca

  •          Full time Office Manager.
  •        Speak English and Spanish fluently


Ashley Ramirez

    .              Part time Admin assistant.